hello every body,
i am a new user of this web site and i would like to ask some questions.
the first one is about money!is it free to use all this site?i registered one week ago and since that i have been able to use all the podscast without any problem!but perhaps there is a time limit to use all this materiel whithout paying?
there are some points available but i dont understand what is the meaning of this points?
and the last question for the moment,there are some language in beta version!what does that mean?
thank you very much for your help
my name is herve i am a french man,i live in Bourges, a town located in the centre of france ,200 km at the north of Paris.
i am a doctor and i want to master,if possible,the english language,only for my pleasure !i am 49 years old and i have discovered this site surfing in the internet
regards(i dont know if i can say that at the end of a mail??)

Hi Herve,

The lessons in the library are free. The most important learning function here, in my view, is saving words and phrases, what we call creating LingQs. As a free member you can only save 100 LingQs. As a paying memberl Basic or higher, there is no limit. I have saved tens of thousands of them. It is key to learning a new language.

Many learners, including me, start to import content from other sources, once they get a good sense of the language. As a free member you are limited to 5 imported articles. A paying member has no limit.

Paying members have unlimited access to google translate and google TTS. Paying members do not see advertisments.

You need points to engage the services of a tutor, for conversation or for writing correction. You can also earn points. As a paying member, you can buy points at half-price.

A Beta language is not supported by LingQ. This means that there may be fewer contents in the Library, and in some other ways the resources may be more limited.

Welcome to LingQ and good luck!


You have made an excellent discovery, one which has the potential to help you learn faster than you ever thought possible. I started learning Spanish and was amazed at how fast I was able to progress using Lingq. I had studied a little bit of Spanish in the past but after a couple of months I could read articles and follow the news on the radio. By monitoring forums you can learn a lot and contact with interesting people all over the world. Best of luck to you. I am about the same age as you and now know that age doesn’t prevent you from learning a new language. I also know a fair amount of Fench so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to practice.

thank you Kpnagle for your answer,
yes ,i think lingq is a goo way to improve my english.
in fact i studied english at school, but a long time ago and at this time ,learning a new language was not neither a priority nor a pleasure .But today is very different.I want to learn.I want to be able ,for my pleasure to watch films without subtittles or read english and americam books.I can already read some agatha Christie’s books or the harry potter but i have got a lot of difficulties to understand the spoken language especially on the film or when singers are singing! so my first goal is to be able to inderstand completely whithout any problems when someone is speaking in myself is not my priority for the moment but of course it will be important later.
So you can speak a bit of french?
bests regards

By using Lingq almost daily, i have found that my listening comprehension of Spanish increased quite quickly. I don’t view language learning as a chore as it has been in the past because i can find topics that interest me. There is a fair amount of effort in the early stages of learning a new language when you know so few words but at your level you should make rapid progress listening to lessons and reading them at the same time. The combination of reading and listening made quite a difference for me.

I do speak French but not as well as I would like. There are few opportunities to speak French where I live but I am just beginning to explore using Skype and I had a discussion with a gentleman from Paris on Friday. In Maine where I live, there are occasional opportunities to speak with Canadians but their dialect of French is different than yours. If you would like to practice at some point I would be happy to converse in one or both languages.

no problem if you want to speak to me in french and i will answer to you in englih.thereby we will improve our foreign language both
where do you live in the usa?i visited california three years ago!it was awesome!your contry is fabulous!the landscape is huge and beatiful!the gran canyon is…wonderful!!
all is big in your contry ,even the beds in the hotel rooms lol