Free writing corrections for portuguese learners

I am offering free writing corrections for portuguese learners. If you want to have your portuguese writing corrected, you can submit it to me by posting the text in the wall of my profile and after posted, just detete it ( Even the text was deleted, it has been sent to my e-mail). I will correct it and send you using the same process.
This offer is only in December and January.

In this offer, the number of lines in the text is unlimited, you can write a short or big text, that’s your decision.

seja bem vindo ao LingQ papai noel! FELIZ NATAAAL
brincadeiras a parte, boa sorte amigo

Cara legal isso, pena que nem todos fazem o mesmo.

TheDoctor was the first one who submited a writing.

:)) and who was the second one and third one? .))

I will send…rsrs

Yasuko was the second one.

Obrigado, meu amigo ro03!

Obrigado, meu amigo ro03!

Obrigado . Mas eu sou muito tras. Agora … na Fevereiro!nao e?