Free videos about French spelling, grammar, conjugation


I’m a French teacher and I create free videos about French language. Here is two videos, in French, about present (French conjugation is very difficult). I hope you will like this lesson.

My youtube channel is here:

My facebook fanpage is here: Bien écrire le français

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you sure your a french teacher most teachers don’t try to discourage their students before they even start a class by saying something is difficult

Merci, c’est interessante.

Don’t you like challenges ? :wink:

Merci pour ce retour :slight_smile:

Yeah. What is difficult had better be called difficult - honesty is the best policy :slight_smile:

Those who dabble in it being misled by false encouragements will give up in no time when they hit the difficult part anyway. They’ll just have wasted their time.

The few of your videos I checked were interesting with clearly spoken explanations - thank you for them.
One thing I noticed was the the introductory ones may be a little difficult for the intended beginner audience because they are all in French. It was great for me though, as I am trying to get as much exposure to spoken French.

Merci beaucoup.

Thank you very much for your feedback; I’m very happy to know that you like the explanations of my videos.

I know that my videos are difficult for a beginner because I haven’t translated them anymore.
For the moment, my videos are directed to people with an intermediate level of French, but I hope I will be able to translate my channel in order to speak to a wider audience.

Bonne journée,