Free use of software for English Learners

Language Bridge is offering free use of its software for a limited period.

I haven’t used it but I think the aim of the software is to help learners with speaking skills - to develop an ‘English speaking’ area in the brain.

It sounds that the software is based around ‘shadowing’, basically listening, reading and speaking at the same time.

I don’t know how long the offer is on for. This is unclear from the website.

To get the software you need to write an email saying ‘Why you are learning English.’

I’ve written some email examples in this blog post.


No, not spam.

It’s an offer that’s on at the moment. I think it’s potentially useful for English learners here.

I don’t know all the details. The man behind the software, gave an interesting interview on L2Mastery. He offered some fresh ideas on why some people find language learning easy and others don’t.

I’ve posted another thread on that.

I think this site don’t worse our attention.

That’s up to you. It’s free at the moment and it might be helpful or it might be a waste of time.