Free Translations Limit

I am frustrated that I have somehow reached my limit of sentence translations. One of the first things I have done after getting into the website and creating my account was check the free account resources on the “Get Premium”. After checking it, I firstly thought I would not have a limit of sentence translations, but I was wrong. This is wrong. How can you guys not inform anywhere that we have a sentence translation limit. Now I have used it and the LingQ is completely unusable for me. I have just recommended the app for my mum, as she is currently learning English, but I suspect that the app will be unusable for her really soon, unfortunately.

Yes, we do limit access to the site to 20 LingQs. You do still have access to all the content but to create LingQs and track vocabulary you have to upgrade your account to Premium. However, we do realize the limit can come very quickly so what I can do for you is to add an additional 100 LingQs to your limit so you can continue exploring. I’ve done that on your account, if your mum needs extra LingQs too, she can reach me on support(at) and I’ll gladly assist her too.

No, I am not talking about the LinQs vocabulary limit. I am talking about the translations of sentences in the mini stories. It says I have to upgrade to be able to see the full sentence translation.

Either way, I really appreciate the help on LinQs limit. :slight_smile:

Maybe if you did not understand what I am talking about I can send a picture, maybe it will be more clear than my explanation.

Sorry about the confusion. Yes, the “Translate Sentence” feature is available for Premium users only. You will need to upgrade to Premium to get unlimited access and unlock all features.

Yeah, it is okay. I just think it should be more clear that it is a Premium feature.