Free resources for French learning and practice on Lingq & Instagram

Hi everyone, how is the French learning community doing?

As some of you may already know, I’ve been on Lingq for several years now and I’ve shared some of my resources in the library (I put the list bellow).

I’m excited to share with you that I’m now on Instagram to help French learners practice and improve their French on a daily basis, through video stories and posts about everyday life in France. I’m using Instagram myself to improve my Italian and it’s really amazing how much progress I’ve made in just a couple of months. Following people I like, listening and reading to content I enjoy and learning in context is, as you probably know if you’re here on Lingq, much more effective than using vocabulary lists, grammar drills… So I’m inviting you to join me there @thefrenchinstinct
If you want to learn more about my approach, check my English articles or if you already speak French go to the main site

And of course you can keep on using my courses in the Lingq library:

My courses on lingq ( I have much more audio and video resources on my blog and channel, but I need to convert them into mp3 to be able to share them here and for the moment I can’t)

FR- Beginners - Le français avec Katy: Login - LingQ

FR-Français pratique: apprends le français de tous les jours en contexte (A2-B1)

FR- La cuisine de Katy: traditions, recettes, gastronomie, nutrition (A2-B1) Connectez-vous - LingQ

FR: Découvre la France, sa culture, ses habitants et améliore ton français avec Katy (B1-C2) Login - LingQ

FR- Aventures polyglottes:

FR- Les élections présidentielles en France: Connectez-vous - LingQ