FREE RESOURCE: Assimil 1957 Italian Without Toil

Hi All,
I know there must be a ton of Assimil fans here, I just came across this wonderful gem from what looks like to be University of Waterloo so download while you can.

The PDF is Italian_Without_Toil-pages-95-96-115-116-at-end.pdf
The audio is in a separate folder.


Download Link:

The parent directory has a bunch of Vintage Assimil PDFs with audio.

Enjoy: they even have one for Latin!

Also, here is the full directory that includes a bunch of other resources. Index of /~rfburger/language

Thank you, that’s very useful. I love those vintage Assimils. I used to have the Italian version (in French), that my father bought back in the 60s/70s. I also own that Latin edition (in French again) and like it a lot because it teaches the language through modern-day situations

It’s pretty sweet, glad someone took the time to scan everything in and update with audio. Would love to get my hands on an a few original copes. I see them for $60 on ebay.

Thanks, great stuff!

i love the1957 courses. so much more information and denser than the newer ones in the books although some terms are outdated you can combine the newer and older and ling you got a good system of learning