Free online French test?

I’m looking for a free online test (or series of tests) to take once a year just to check how I’m progressing in French. Ideally, it would cover both reading and listening, but I don’t mind a ‘filling in the blanks’ test, or vocabulary test. This would give me an objective measure of my progress. Perhaps this is an idea for LingQ?

Does anyone know of such a test?


We have discussed this at LingQ. One day we hope to have a cloze test so that we can test our learners on those words that they claim to know. There would be a high “pass/fail” level to confirm their , albeit passive, knowledge of these words. This would be a qualifier for an oral and written test with one of our tutors.

As it is now we even have a certificate that we developed for one of our learners. You can take an oral and written test anytime in order to get your certificate,even now, without the cloze test. The only problem is that we can test your known words total. I have posted the certificate on my blog.