Free member needs to delete LingQs

I have reached my 100 LingQ limit and need to delete my status 4 lingQs so I can create more. But “delete selected lingQs” does not show as an option on my vocabulary page. What can I do? I am in the middle of a competition with my sister and she is winning! Please help.

I don’t think you can select all at once you have to do it one by one. I only think if your a paying member you can have that option.

Yes! one by one ! =a patience exercise!
Good luck!

Yes, the batch delete function is only available to paying members. If you want to beat your sister, I suggest you upgrade… :slight_smile: We don’t recommend deleting your status 4 LingQs anyway. Chances are you will forget a lot of them anyway and need to refer to them again.

whoaholic: I dont want you to cheat :slight_smile: but you can log on to your mum account :stuck_out_tongue:

Only a matter of time before he thinks of that one :wink:

Guess I’d better upgrade them both for a month.

What would be the easiest way to upgrade them both? Using my Paypal account I suppose?

Sure, paypal would work fine. How long are they planning on joining for? You can buy 6-month memberships with your points.

Let’s see if they use it for one month first! It’s all proving a bit grown-up for them so far :wink: