Free lingQs / upgrade?

The system said that I need an upgrade, but why? Every month you have 20 lingQs for free, but I can do nothing in my lessons. April just started? Please help me.

Hi @Lord_Sinclair, thanks for your question. Actually, there is a hard limit for creating LingQs. Once you have created 20 LingQs, you reached your limit, even if you then deleted your LingQs. We suggest you try our basic Premium membership, $10 per month (unlimited LingQs and imported lessons). You will be able to stop your membership and downgrade to free at any time if you don’t like it.

Sorry, I don’t understand.

When I have 20 lingQ’s for free EVERY MONTH !!! Why should I try a basic Premium membership for $10/month ???

When I look at prices there is the information: 20 lingQ’s for free EVERY MONTH or did I understand it wrong ???


Yes you understood something wrong. You don’t get 20 LingQ’s EVERY MONTH on a trial membership you only get 20 LingQ’s.

There are many benefits to upgrading if you are a serious language learner. Unlimited LingQ’s, a discount on points, the ability to import your own material into the program and the phone application. It’s well worth the investment.

Good Luck!

@pmilone - thanks for the clarification! This is absolutely right. 20 LingQs is the total limit for a free membership.

Thank you both for the enlightenment :slight_smile:

Even if it were 20 LingQ’s free per month, at that rate you’d be fluent in the language in about 100 years. LingQ’s basic membership is very reasonably priced. If reading and listening is something you wish to do, I can’t think of a better deal.