Free LingQs System...Now at ZERO...either system error or change again in policy

I have currently a free account with LingQs. I understood when they changed the free lingqs to 20 but now it seems, at least on my system, that it has been changed to ZERO. I realise that this is a product, I realise that you are in it to make money…the only thing I am a little peeved at is that you have not had the decency to inform your subscribers that you are now running a ZERO tolerence programme… Financially at the moment I cannot upgrade although I would love to… All I ask that if you are making these changes again that at least you could let us know…Cheers…Andy. Note; If this is a system error, please ignore my ramblings and explain how I can fix my system…

$10 a month is a steal and I guarantee in the long run it will be worth it. 20 links is not enough to help you learn any part of the language, so it’s not much of an improvement on 0. Isn’t there a way for you to find an extra 30 cents everyday? even if you have to ask a random person everyday for 30 cents? lol

Or cut down on eating an extra meal at night that you don’t really need… that’s like 3-4 bucks a day!

I can see how awesome these tools are, and it’s worth it to just find the money and pay for it, month by month

@Andypandi - The limit of 20 is a hard limit, meaning you can’t reset this limit by deleting LingQs. Here is the full list of membership changes that were made on June 3rd:

…Alex…Thanks for the post… Now I understand the difference between a Limit & a HARD Limit… Unfortunately, financially I cannot afford to subscribe and contrary to the comments from kingjames above, if I was to cut down on one meal, I probably wouldnt be able to eat, but hey, I suppose at least I could say “Tengo hambre” in spanish hey… Anway, good luck with your product I honestly think that its a brilliant learning concept and tool for language learning. I have told everyone how good it is… Cheers… Andy