Free Italian Lesson

Ciao tutti :wave:

To practice your Italian, I would suggest that you listen, read and watch as much Italian content as possible. And if possible, find an Italian friend to speak with ! :blush:

To help foreigners learn Italian, I launched :

Ci vediamo presto ! :blush:


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Ciao Annalisa. I am studying Italian and have two questions I hop you can help me with. I was reading a short story here in Lingq and the sentence reads “Ci rilassiamo e guardiamo la tv insieme”. Why do you need the “Ci” before rilassiamo? Isn’t rilassiamo conjugated to the noi form?

  1. “Anche Frederico si addormenta subito”. Why do we need to the “si” in front of addormenta?

Grazie Mille.