Free Internet

We all remember what happened a while ago with acts like SOPA,ACTA etc. and what they intended to do . I sometimes wander what do these people know about the actual financial status around the world, I mean do they actual believe that people will still use their computer if they will have to pay for every pdf book ,game ,song ,movie etc. ?

I'm not sure if these kinds of actions are still being cooked somewhere but I really hope they will never succeed . And what's the big idea with this copyright issue? If I want to buy for example a videogame and share it with the rest of the world for free , why should anyone be bothered ? Look for example at what influx of money those who crated World of Warcraft received at one of their older releases ( approximately 70 million $) . Do they look as if their in need of money ?

Think of it this way. If you created something that people enjoyed and payed for. Would you like it if people were pirating, stealing, your product that you worked for. It isn’t a matter of “they have enough money” it is a matter of stealing. You should support the creator of the product your using not steal from them. I’ve never pirated a song, eBook, game, or movie in my life. Of course I know people who do and I don’t support it.

Another argument is that the money will go to a better place in the economy. Well, your money is going into the economy and will be spent to pay for cost of the product and to support the creators income. Sure 70 million dollars sounds like a lot but think of the employees, equipment, servers, and, space they had to pay for. No matter how you see it pirating is NEVER just.

Here a video about free made by Steve


Now just a minute friend , you are saying that I and other hundreds of million people are thieves because we download from torrents ?
It’s not very nice to say such a thing. And it can’t be called stealing if you want to share something you payed with others .
If I created something, maybe some will pay and some won’t , I won’t mind .Also I see that you are living in America ( I am not sure if you can or can’t download from torrents) and even if you make a lot of money I don’t think you can really afford paying for each thing you want to have when it comes to PC,PS or other devices’ games,software etc. .
You mentioned about how that money will enter in the state’s budget but do you really believe that if for example tomorrow nobody will be able to download free content from the internet that we will feel anything in our salaries ? I assure you that the answer is no because the politician will have more to steal from .