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Hello guys. I’m a little bit (said with irony) depressed because of 3 problems. First of all: I am not able and will not be able to pay membership on LingQ for awhile (my credit card is blocked). Then: I finished last available French in Action YouTube video, and 3rd: I missed a lot of my French classes, so I wasn’t able to keep up with material, so I dropped out and will again be able to attend those classes in September. I have a huge passion for learning languages, and my love is French currently, so if anybody can give me some recommendations for the things which I mentioned in the title I will be very happy. I would appreciate also if there are Serbian people who can recommend me some inexpensive learning material which I can buy in the library or something…

@Ninche - Really sorry to hear about this! I wonder if you can pay through PayPal by connecting it with your bank account?

The imagiers channel on youtube has a great selection of videos of all lengths: LEARN FRENCH WITH VINCENT - YouTube
He explains things in English, which could be good or bad depending on if you like that. I’m sure there are other good channels on youtube, especially if you’re looking for grammar or pronunciation.

I can’t because when the problems with the bank occurred I was a paying member and my bank account was connected to PayPal, so I would pay with PayPal if I could.

Thanks @edwinclimbs! I like to try out a variety of methods when it comes to learning a language.

Maybe something in these will help you:

This site links to dozens more sites:

Slow news in French:

Mission Paris:

Literature of French Expression Read Aloud or Sung:

Français interactif:

Thank you so much! Mission Paris and Français interactif look interesting. I will surely try them out! :slight_smile:

@Ninche - Ah, well I hope everything gets cleared up soon! In the meantime, another suggestion is to go to the Import Lesson page, where you’ll find a long list of sites with interesting content. Here’s a direct link:

Ninche, ja koristim još jedan program za učenje jezika. Zove se Duolingo i zaista je dobar. Tako nadopunjujem nedostatke koje imam.

Hvala, Majo! Isprobaću ga! :slight_smile:

and also go to full of pronunciation tips and audio files