Free English Audiobooks

Some free audiobooks by John Le Carre.

(The link is broken - cut and paste it, taking out gap in “t inker”)

The downloads may not work outside the UK, though!


It would be a great pity if this offer is only open in the UK. In my opinion John Le Carre is a very good writer (even if he does lean rather too far to the left for my tastes!) I think people could learn a lot of advanced English from his books.

(I myself read his works in the German translations - and I believe I’ve learned quite a lot thereby.)

I totally agree as to John Le Carre being a very good writer (your tastes are a different matter!). I still have nearly all of his books we bought last century. Let’s hope that people all over the world can take advantage of this offer. (Even if it is made by the Guardian, your non-favourite leftish rag…)

The download worked in Vancouver.

I could download one of them and I’m still struggling to download the second one (it failed several times already). Anyway, it does work all over the world.

The download worked in Belgium.

The download from Germany worked too.

I’m glad that you could all download the stuff guys! :wink:


Yes, it does kind of suck to send people to The Guardian’s website! :-0

Maybe I should even things up by linking to a great post at the" Conservative Home" blog, about how the Tory government is going to reopen the in-house language school at the British Foreign Office, which was (can you believe it?) CLOSED DOWN by the previous Labour government…!?

I’m not able to download the audiobook for free. How did you get the promotional code? I’ve to pay £9.84. Perhaps it doesn’t work in Italy?!

Maybe the offer was only available for a limited time?

(It seems to have been working okay yesterday - according to some of the above posts.)

All books are available for one week and can be downloaded worldwide (at least, from all the countries mentioned above, including Italy). A new audiobook is made available every day (the third book can be downloaded from today on).

Now there are 5 books available!

Much thanks for that link!

Item! :slight_smile:

Glad to help! :wink:

(Please let me know if you ever find any free German audio books! :-p)


If anyone’s interested, you can see a BBC interview (filmed in 1966) with John Le Carre at:

(There are also plenty of more recent interviews with him to be found on Youtube. He is an interesting talker.)

Free German audiobooks: (I love it!)

For more German audiobooks etc. look at this page on my blog for German learners:
(Put the broken link together)

Thanks Vera! :slight_smile:

I’ve just checked out some of the links on Vera’s blog - this is a really wonderful list of resources for learners of German!

I would never have imagined, for example, that Radio Prague has so much material in German (as well as in Czech!) And it all comes with text-transcripts and downloadable mp3 files.

This kind of thing is really awesome for learners. Is there a list of similar resources for other languages?

I try to provide help for German learners. That is why I’ve created this blog with helpful information for German learners. Unfortunately I have no chance to contact them all automatically which would be great. Sometimes I write the link to this blog on the profiles of German learners but LingQ makes this a difficult task for me (and a boring as well). It would be much more convenient if LingQ would send an email to German learners automatically with a link to my blog, my facebook page for German learners or my profile on LingQ.

@Rank: Marianne did the same for French after she saw my German document:
This is a google doc. I had a google doc before but later I decided that writing on a blog is more convenient and I’ve put all the information on my blog.