Free conversation sites

This is for everyone who cannot pay money to interact with speakers of the language they are learning. In no way am i bashing or trying to put down LingQ but i am jsut trying to further along learning for everyone. And after all learning is what we all came here to do and I am willing to help. (for spanish specifically)


I think you will find that many of our learners are aware of the opportunities for language exchange, as most of them are sophisticated language learners. For those that are not, your list may be of interest. It is not the first time that members have listed such sites on our forum, and we do not mind.

No one at LingQ is forced to pay for discussions or writing correction with our tutor members. Many of our members contact each other here at LingQ, and set up direct Skype discussions. As I have said often before, we do not mind.

I do prefer that people use the LingQ system for tutoring, however. I think that it makes for a better community. I consider LingQ an elite community, with a more serious group of learners and tutors than most of the free sites. We intend to keep it that way, and continue to improve it. You can take from LingQ what you want.

What I have trouble with is your sense of mission. You seem to think you are doing some great honourable things by spreading the word on how people can avoid what you seem to feel to be the unreasonable requirement to pay for discussions here. You have no mission. There is no cause. If people find our tutors helpful they use them. If not they don’t.

We have built a community, and by we I mean all of the members, many of whom have been contributing here for years, and yet are only very modestly compensated for their effort. You come here and presume to fight for the cause of free learning because you have only ever had everything given to you. Use the free sites, talk them up if you want, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that you are on some moral high ground.

I don’t think people should escape or avoid the paying. It’s just that for people like myself we cannot communicate to native speakers easily and can defintely not pay for it like on this site. I assure you if i had the money to spare i would surely use it here because the cailber of expertise is, what i consider, the best. And to say I am thinking I am on a “moral high ground” is uncalled for though.

I merely found these sites helpful to mself and wanted to let others have a gander. Thank you for your time and I appreciate you writing me back.


I was referring to your wording on your other post to the effect that learning is not like a T-shirt, as if paying for learning was somehow less honourable. It all comes down to choice.

Agreed. Oh i like the new video you had made today by the way.

Also, I am sorry if i came off as offensive in any of my posts. I myself am a great fan of you and your teaching methods. Thank you.



Then, Michael, we are on the same page. Our tutors are very conscientious and worth the price that I pay for them, I feel. What is more our members often have the opportunity to earn back points in various ways, and I do this in my English tutoring. All of this activity strengthens our community.

However, I understand that many people either do not have the money or do not wish to spend the money for these services and there is still plenty for them at LingQ.

I appreciate your enthusiastic support and that is what LingQ is really about, an enthusiastic community.



Well, I’m interested in your links, thank you.

I don’t use free chat sites myself because I’m too shy, but it’s always nice to see what’s out there.

When my sister was learning French at school (in the seventies) she used to make friends very easily, and when she wanted a foreign holiday always had some penpal she could go and stay with! She would have loved to have the chance for free French chat on the internet.

There is one I don’t understand. If I’m prepared to help other LingQ members with their learning and I’ve no money for hire a tutor. But I’m positive about LingQ system. LingQ offers the possibility to earn points with my own effort to invest this points in a professional tutoring from member site. So I’m killing two birds with only one stone, so to speak. I can help other learner with my knowledge in my native language and get professional helps in my target language in reverse. Absolutely free without costs. This is exactly the possibility for everyone who cannot pay money to interact with speakers of the language they are learning. Brilliant in my own sight!

Exactly. Creating content and hosting conversations will result in points which you can use to take part in conversations with other members and in other languages. If your own content is very interesting and used by a lot of members, you might earn more points than you can spend.

Skyblueteapot, no problem! My favorite amongst the bunch is Sharedtalk. Easy to use and full of people who are looking to talk.

Thank u, Michael! It’s very interesting. And a great way to improve my English.

Tank u very much!!!