Free books in Portuguese
I’m personally interested in non-fiction so I have found books like Sapiens, Outliers, Elon Musk, Thinking fast and slow, among others. There’s also literature but I’m not as interested yet, although I plan on reading the alchemist because its original language is Portuguese. The “bad” thing about this page is that with the free version you have to wait 22 minutes to download between books. When I look for a book I search the author’s name, it’s easier. I have downloaded and imported 10 books into LingQ (And there are many more that interest me on the page) . I made the lessons private because I don’t know about copyright stuff. Enjoy!

Edit: If you know about a similar page in other languages please share


Obrigado! Vou dar uma olhada. Vou procurar alguns livros para ler depois de terminar Guerra e Paz (ainda me faltam uns milhares de páginas…).

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Yes, thats a great website. Cafe Brasil is really good too. Its a native level podcast with transcripts

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