Free audiobooks in German?

Is there a librivox equivalent for German language texts? I did a little research, and there doesn’t seem to be anything of the kind. The most popular seems to be, but the selection is small. I’m looking for works that are in the public domain, especially works for which I have a translation (many of Hesse’s and Mann’s books) so I can do some reading-listening.

Here you find the German catalogue of Librivox books:

Auf meinem Blog zum Deutsch lernen findest du noch mehr Tipps:

Danke, Vera.

Librivox’s catalog for German is very limited, though. I was hoping there was a somewhat richer resource in German, like (over 2,700 free audiobooks) for French.

(all Audiobooks on
has also some German audio books. But the search function is poor, so you must search on that above mentioned page for “(German)” to find the 27 German audiobooks.

Some Wikipedia articles in the German wikipedia have also an audio “Gesprochene Wikipedia”.

Please try this link:

There are 1467 books in German.

Hape, thanks. The search function on gutenberg does suck. Either that or I don’t know how to use it properly (as it happened with librivox).

Vera, danke schön. I don’t know how you did that, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out on my own. Thanks again, anyway, I’ve bookmarked it.

Hallo Elric, In the advanced search you can select a language :wink:

Oh, ok. Now I see it.