Free audiobook downloads

To encourage reading, “SYNC YA literature in your earphones” is giving away to all comers two audiobooks per week during the summer. The first two are now available.

To access the books after they are downloaded onto your computer, a software program called Overdrive must be used. It is not very convenient, but it does work. Instruction are given at the SYNC site to download it.

You can register to be reminded each week by email when new books become available, but this is not necessary to do. Actually, it did not work for me–I could not get past their “captcha” anti-bot mechanism–but downloading the audiobooks was not affected by the failure.

The books are chosen to encourage teenagers to read, but they will not all be books for children. One of the selections this week, for instance, is Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.

(This was suggested to me by a friend; it’s new to me today, so I can’t recommend it, other than to say that so far it seems legitimate. The one book I sampled seems very well recorded, and the Overdrive software is used by many public libraries in the U.S. . . . Oh, and I should add that I do not know if this offer is valid for downloading outside the U.S. But it would seem to be worth a try!)

Thank you, Ernie.

Unfortunately, I receive this message: If you are seeing this page it is likely you reside in a country where the distribution of this Sync audiobook is restricted. I’ll have a closer look on the weekend to deal with this.