Free accounts are completely useless, it appears. What about paid accounts?

I respect the right for the makers of LingQ to make money as a business, but even as a testing ground to get the hang of LingQ before deciding to pay or not I have found the usefulness of the “free account” to be exhausted after 10 minutes of use.

After reaching the limit of 20 “lingqs” I am unable to view the word hints for any word that is not already a lingq. When remove a lingq or say I know a word I am unable to create a new lingq and still can’t view word hints for any other words.

I would create a new account and just not make lingqs, but more than one free account is against the terms of service.

My way of looking at this is that these are bugs. They obviously won’t occur with unlimited lingqs.

About paid accounts, I have a question. Is there a single-payment option at LingQ? I’d like to try out LingQ’s premium plan, but I only shop online with Visa Gift Cards, which won’t make a purchase if it requires a recurring payment. If anybody knows, please respond.

Thank you

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You can pay for a six month plan or a one year plan. There might be other options, too.

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At LingQ you can access a very large library of audio and text content in 21 languages, divided by level of difficulty and all available for free download. This does not cost you anything and you contributed nothing towards its creation and maintenance.

You can come on the forum and ask questions about language learning or anything else.

If you have created 20 LingQs in ten minutes, you understand LingQ’s functionality better than most beginners. You won’t fully realize the benefits until you have several thousand LingQs.

Now you need to make a decision as to whether to pay in order to use the functionality. You can ask people here on the forum what their experience has been in using the site.

Yes there are 6 month and 12 month one time payment plans.

I am sure that you will not regret your decision to join.


Thanks Elzby for the response. I finally found the one-time payment options via the upgrade link at the top.

Thank you Steve for your quick reply. I’m going to give it a shot; you can expect the payment tomorrow.

Great stuff Seth, and don’t hesitate to ask for help on our forum.

I struggled to make the free trial membership work for me while deciding if I wanted to commit to paying for the service monthly. I even wiped out the entire language and started from scratch. The free membership got itself hung up and just told me “oops” even with only 2 lingQ’s.

Eventually, I just gave in and paid for the service before I understood how it worked or if it would be useful to me. That cleared up the problems and let me explore LingQ with freedom.

I’m still undecided. LingQ has the ability to consolidate what I am learning from different sources into my own custom lessons. I believe the reading and listening and slowly coming to comprehension over time by seeing words in context is a good approach. The flashcards and quizzes automatically generating from text you import is cool.

I hope in the future to give LingQ a ringing endorsement. I’m not there yet.

Well, I’ve officially made the six-month commitment to using the paid features of LingQ.

Thanks again to everyone educating me about LingQ’s payment plans and services. I’ll be back on the forums as I require them.


Welcome to LingQ and “bon courage” as they say.

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Lingq is definitely worth the money; A typical language course at a Canadian university costs atleast $500 whereas you can get a 6 month or 1 year membership for just a fraction of that cost and make considerable progress.

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And the university course may cost the student $500 but the tax payer is paying most of the cost.

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I use LingQ not as my only resource for learning, but one of many resources, but as a CannIK84 said, definitely worth, specially in the beginning of the learning process. It helped me in a amazing way for my English study and I’m really happy and satisfied by the results I’m getting with it.

And as they said, it costs only a fraction of what would cost in a language course, and even that way, you get a far better result studying with LingQ, since it’s a way more natural, than with a language course, that is more based on tests and grammar.

For me, LingQ is one of the best language learning resources of ever. I’ve got kind of fluency in English and I’ve improved my Japanese very much through LingQ. The method is based on self-study, so it doesn’t “lie” to you like most of the university course can do (I’m not saying this kind of courses are not good, I myself is a teacher at an japanese university course, what I am saying is that maybe paying $500 may make you trust you are learning language like if you were acquiring a product, but through LingQ you have to study for yourself and it makes you be the only one to blame for your fails or the master of your own success).

Everyone who wants to try LingQ must go for it :slight_smile: