Francophile d'influence -who me?

I recently did an interview in French with Radio-Canada for their regional program called Francophiles d’Influence. You can find it here listed amongst others.

Mine was on July 15, (15 juillet).

If anyone knows how to download this file please let me know.

Je pense que il suffit de cliquer sur “écoutez” pour écouter ce fichier. Si on veut le tlécharger, il faut installer Real Player.

I think we click “écoutez” on the page to listen to this content. If we want to download, we must install “Real Player”.

real player will download stuff right off a site. it blocks me though when I try to ‘save target as’ in Internet Explorer. If you press ctrl U you can see the page in its code form… but I don’t see an .mp3 in there anywhere…

Audacity is a free software downloadable from available for windows mac and linux.

It allows to record everything you can listen to on your computer - then export as mp3 and it can do a lot of other things