France Inter, 2000 ans d'histoire. Anyone up to the task of adding this?


I’ve been looking for interesting content, mainly French podcasts about current events and history. I found the official site of a French radio station called “France Inter”. I don’t know how widely known this radio station is. However, I would love it if anyone would be willing to make a script for any of their programmes and if possible (with the permission of France Inter) upload some of their archived programmes.

Among other things I found “2000 ans d’histoire”, which really suits me quite well since I’m very much into history. Some of the previous broadcasts of this programme have been archived, they can be found here:

I would have done this already if it weren’t for my insufficient level of French. I understand enough to be able to enjoy the podcasts, but I don’t understand the last 15-20 % that I would need in order to make a transcript. This stuff really appeals to me, I hope anyone here shares this sentiment.


Hi Ragnar, We have aksed ‘France Inter’ to use their program. Sadly, each member has to use them for personal uses.

And to answer your implicit question, France Inter IS very widely known. it’s a “national” radio.