Francais Facile collection doesn't register the number of times listened

I asked this question a few months ago but didn’t get a response. In the Francais Facile collection it won’t register the amount of time spent listening. It will show the number of times, but no time is actually added to the total. I’ve enjoyed this collection but it’s seriously killed by score the last few months and of course as I understand it those hours can’t be added into my total. Any help? It’s a great collection with different speeds.

Whoever shared that collection has to go in and add the duration for each lesson. You should be able to see who the provider is. You can then go to their wall and ask them to do this for you. Because the audio files for those lessons were not uploaded to our server, we can’t calculate the durations and it has to be done manually. If the provider won’t do it, you can do it yourself if we give you editor access. Let us know if that’s the case.

I haven’t gotten any response. I had tried to contact her a few months ago also and never received a reply. How can I fix it myself?

I’ve given you editor access for French, so now you will see a little pencil at the top right. Click this and you will be able to add in the duration for these (and potentially other!) lessons.

Thanks so much! I was just starting to get into the top 25 when I went to this series which I really like. I’m not sure who needs to know, but because I readjusted my numbers for that series, it really jumped my hours for this week. I don’t want to end up on the top 25 list when it’s not legitimate. Thanks:)

It’s good to see that you’ve got it all sorted out now :slight_smile:

No need to worry about the Top 25 – Activity Score, your reading and listening aren’t taken into account. Perhaps you were closer than you thought to making it into the Top 25. Keep up the great work; we hope to see your name in there soon!