Found a ton of potential content!

Was reading the threads, on how to learn any language forum and found this gem…

"For future reference, I’ll give you a rundown of the most useful (in my opinion) resources hat have popped up on this forum over the years:

  • SCOLA - Username: unOmaha_VS001, Password: Dodge_6001. SCOLA receives and retransmits TV and radio with transcripts and translations from up to 65 languages. The amount of material per language varies hugely, though. Not a good resource for beginners, of course.

  • FSI Language Courses, organised and run by one of the members of this forum -

  • GLOSS, I haven’t used this myself, since it focuses on more exotic languages, but it appears to be similar to SCOLA except that it breaks the foreign-language material down and actually teaches it to you - "

For the SCOLA one, just type in the name and password given above. I just clicked on the instalessons page and found about (Mexico section) 250 audio excerpts with transcriptions and translations. I’m not sure if these can be shared (copyrights?) but for personal use this will be cool. The GLOSS website had tons of audio and transcriptions with no translations, but we got lingq to do that!

Everybody probably already knew about the free fsi stuff?

Now my problem is I started fsi/platiquemos/loquella and I am cruising through one unit a day, I’m up to unit 40 (15 more to go!). But I am getting real excited to use Lingq and native material more. I just want to finish what I started first. I have been devoting 4-5 hours a day for each unit. I can’t wait to finish!

SCOLA link was bad… should be

FSI site has a new link to … sorry…FSI Language Courses - Free Online Language Courses


I guess 1 good link out of 3 isn’t bad! lol!


4-5 hours a day…you are working really hard! I am sure you will make rapid progress once you start with LingQ.

That SCOLA site…just incredible man. I want to give you a big e-hug. The amount of material for some languages, like Vietnamese, is just astounding. There’s about a couple hundred news broadcasts with transcripts and translations.

As Chris says, the SCOLA site is amazing. Nice one, cheers! :slight_smile:

They say SCOLA is a non-profit organisation, but I wonder how one goes about getting a membership, should the one Richard provided run out sometime in the future before I get around to using the content there. I couldn’t seem to find any information. Does anyone know?

Chris: I paid $800 Australian to get “Who Is She” translated into Vietnamese… to find this material… man… this is awesome! :slight_smile: I’m going to grab a few broadcasts to test the water… but then, where do I sign up! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There are a few broadcasts in Tagalog too. Woohoo!


Oh was that you? I sent you a comment about that on YouTube a few months back, wondering whether you managed to get it translated. I was quite astounded when you said it cost that much! But yes, the whole site is really incredible, several hundred MP3s and full transcripts with translations in languages like Czech and Korean! GOLDMINE :smiley: