Forum threads out of order

The forum thread listings seem to be out of order, they should be sorted according to last post date/time (descending), but they aren’t…

@hape - Thanks, we’ll look into it.

It looks as if the entire Recently Active Threads list were out of order, not just the individual replies within a thread. I just posted something about 3 minutes ago and it has remained as the 6th item in the list (the others above it are much older.)

The order keeps changing as well, really randomly. Posts which haven’t had any activity for a while appear at the top all of a sudden.

The forum is now nearly unusable, because one cannot see anymore which thread has new posts :frowning:
So everybody has more time for study…

Unfortunately, I am in a phase where I don’t like studying but do want to follow the forum posts…

Just so you don’t think that we deliberately try to vex our members, it is my understanding that our programmers are constantly trying to optimize the many complex queries on our site, and occasionally this can cause some temporary confusion. We expect everything to be back to normal shortly. Thanks for your patience.

I suspected somebody took out the “order by” clause in some SQLs.

This should both optimize the speed of the query (faster without sorting) and the rate of our members learning languages (now they are less motivated hanging out in the forums, and hopefully get back to their studies).

No solution?

Actually, we just pushed a fix. Recent threads are displaying correctly now.

Thank you!

Thank you, thank you!