Forum post from lesson page

I seem to remember that from the lesson page one could

  • see if there were already any forum posts related to that lesson
  • click and write a post, where the name of the lesson would automatically appear in the subject field

This was a very good function and it would also allow the author of the lesson to see that there is a question about his/her lesson.

What happened? Was this feature removed by mistake or purposely? If the latter, what is then nowadays the best way to write a post about a particular lesson and avoid asking something that maybe has been asked before.

Looking forward to your reply

Hi CrisSantos,
It’s not possible anymore to start a forum thread directly from the lesson page. You will need to post on the forum directly.

It is really a pitty that this is no longer possible.

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Thank you for the reply. Shame though this function is no longer available. It was very good.

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