Forum not readable without being logged in

Why is the forum not readable without being logged in? Only the first post is displayed.

I suppose it is as it used to be a few years ago. People who have interest in the theme of the thread are supposed to join LingQ. I welcome this change.

I have exactly the same problem here! After the latest update on Friday, 08 August, the threads unfold / open only, when I am logged in here on LingQ.

I don’t welcome this change, it costs me time and many clicks to log in again. I normally delete all cookies when I close the browser because I don’t like to be tracked by Google, LingQ, Amazon, Ebay and the like.

“I wonder if the LingQ forums are now open to anyone on the Internet without requesting any login ID.”(November 2010)

I thought that open forums were for the members of LingQ. I didn’t like that our every comment became the target of search engines, which accumulated every piece for a long time. Some people contend that there should be the right to be forgotten.

I welcome the recent change, which will increase the number of the LingQ members.

Not to worry, this one is on our list. It hasn’t been as high priority for us as issues being experienced by users who were logged in, since this is the vast majority of our users. We will look at getting this fixed soon.