Forum is broken

Timestamps aren’t displaying on the forum. Instead the letter ‘d’ is displayed. The word ‘apple’ is displayed instead of apples and ‘posts’ instead of number of posts.

I hate this so much.

Sorry! We’ll get that fixed.

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Zoran, it’s also strange for me: I answered two questions in the forum yesterday in the evening, but today I can’t find my anwers among ‘Recently Active Threads’ though I can see a lot of threads made before me.

Something strange is happening with the forum, but our developers are looking into it already and the fix should be on production soon. Thanks for letting us know!

A few LingQers have mentioned this to me. Whenever I take a few days off from posting on the Forum, the site falls apart: threads are boring and technical issues emerge.

I had to be away this past week to catch up on some things that I have been neglecting, including the garden, ridiculous paperwork, cleaning the bathroom, taking one of our chickens to the vet…(Veronica was possibly bitten by a bee or got something lodged in her wind pipe. She’s back to her old self now).

I have a few more details I have to take care of but I will try to be back on the Forum very soon.

Glad you are back!

Glad Veronica is doing okay!

Odly enough, if you’re not signed in on the site, the forum view works somewhat better, but if you sing in it goes back to its messed up state.

Are there any updates on this? The forum still doesn’t function properly for me. The reply threads are still completely broken.

Yep, quite annoying, not seeing who is replying to who

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Hi t_harangi,
Strange, forum looks normal to me now. Can you please send us some screenshots of how it looks for you to support(at) and also please mention which browser you are using? Thanks!

It’s ok now!

Yes, it’s been fixed and working properly for the past few days for me. Thank you!