Forum Access from Lesson Causes Flash Cards to quit

When one clicks the Forum text at the top of the main screen to access a forum like this one. The system can cancel an active activity. For example, I was in the middle of a Flash Card deck working on vocabulary when I noticed the Audio failing. I clicked on Forum to go to the Support Forum to enter the issue. When I navigated back to the Vocabulary area and to the Flash Card deck I was working in when I noticed this issue, the system had shut down the Flash Card deck I was using and I had to start over. I would like to suggest that clicking the Forum text automatically opens it in a New Tab instead of the existing Tab.

Thanks for the suggestion! All of the internal links open in the same tab, so I think this might be an unexpected behaviour if just the forum opens in a new tab. You can just “Control+Click” to open a link in a new tab :slight_smile:

That was a shortcut that I did know about. Still, I mentioned the other areas you refer to before. I think they should also open in a new tab… :slight_smile: