Formatting Lessons- Line Breaks

I know this has been asked a number of times over the years, and I have tried all of the potential solutions I came across.

When importing a lesson or just editing a lesson, how do I include a line break? I have tried the enter/return button, shift+enter, importing into word to reformat and copy and pasting into lingq, importing into a blank text editor (notepad).

The formatting just will not stick for me, so if anyone has some suggestions it would be appreciated


To add a line break, make sure to add End Sentence marker on the import lesson page and then also move the next sentence to other line with enter. That should do the job.

Thanks for the reply! That seems to sort of work. it drops one line, but I can’t drop more than 1 line. I’m trying to make paragraph spaces. Could you possibly show me what you meant? maybe I am doing it wrong (but I am definitely adding the end sentence marker)

Try this:

Sentence. [:]
Setence 2.[:]
Sentence 3 - this will be new paragraph.

It only registers the 3rd line break (with no text), if I add some sort of text, otherwise it is not dropping the line. I was adding 2 slashes to indicate a line break so that it would pick up the end sentence marker.

adding the slashes though only worked for some “empty” line breaks and did not work on others

sentece 1 [:]
sentence 2 [:]
sentence 3[:]

I have a lot of problems with this too…

This seems to have been a problem for about 10 years, now. it’s becoming a deal-breaker for me, as I find myself spending a lot of time trying various hacks to get my lessons to format properly. Is there any intention of fixing this? If not, I think I may need to find another way of managing my lessons.

Yes, we will deal with this in the upcoming LingQ 5.0 upgrade.


If I import the text into Word and then copy and paste into LingQ, the paragraph breaks somehow transfer.

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Zoran, just curious, will 5.0 allow us to bold the text? That would be very useful for me to highlight grammatical constructs and idioms in lessons that I’m reading.

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I’ll need to confirm this with our team, but as far as I know, you will be able to bold text and do lot more text formatting in LingQ 5.0.


I appreciate it and look forward to it! Did that update come out yet? I’m having the same issue. I’m manually typing dialogues from a textbook into lessons and I’m unable to separate the lines by who is speaking. It’s quite is confusing and frustrating. So far, none of the remedies I’ve tried on this thread and others have worked. I have a mac if that helps. Any ideas? Thank you!!

5.0 isn’t up yet. We are getting closer to launch date, should be within next few months.

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I"ve also had some moderate success creating the text in a word processor, then view as webpage, then copy the text into the import box. And a second tool has helped that is html generator

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Any updates?

@joaquinsy version 5.0 is available for beta testing and we will release it officially soon.