Foreign-language TV remakes

I came across this website for foreign language remakes of English-language shows. Here are the better ones mentioned:

  1. Freaks!, Italian (Misfits)
  2. Celblok H, Dutch (Wentworth)
  3. Metastasis, Spanish (Breaking Bad)
  4. My Youth High Eight Degrees, Chinese (Glee)
  5. Stromberg, German (The Office)
  6. Paris: Enquêtes Criminelles, French (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)
  7. это всегда солнечно в Москве, Russian (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
  8. 24, Hindi (24)

There appears to be a lot more mentions in the comment section on the page.


i found the american series the bridge the remake of the danish/swedish broen/bron better but the french film diner de cons
better than it’s american remake dinner with schmucks

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