For words with multiple meanings, how do you connect a particular meaning to a particular context?

Hi there. I’m wondering how one can connect one of the meanings of a multiple-meaning word with a particular context. This must be possible…or the ability to create multiple meanings is not very useable/useful!

The most obvious way would be to see what definition would make the most sense in that sentence and/or the rest of that paragraph, story, etc. Kind of like a fill in the blank situation. For example, the English learning seeing the word “duck.” When they find out it also means “to lower (the head, the body, etc.) quickly” or “to evade avoid escape, etc.” they going to connect that meaning in that context if the story or sentence has nothing to do with web-footing swimming birds. If you were to tag or lingq that sentence, it will either automatically translate to that definition, or you will manuall put it it.

Additiionally, I think the most important thing at the outset is to accept that there will be times when you just won’t know because it’s too early and/or because you don’t know enough of the rest of the words around it to understand the context.

Hi there. I am NOT asking how to determine which meaning makes sense in the context. I know that!!!

I am asking a question about the interface. How, technically, do I link a particular meaning to a particular context using the Lingq interface?

When I was reviewing words, the interface asked me what a particular word meant and then showed one of the sentences. But the “answer” was wrong because meaning given was not the one that applied to that particular sentence – it was a meaning I had created for another context.

How do I associate a link in a particular sentence to one of my definitions when there are multiple definitions for a word and only one is applilcable?

I can’t imagine how you’d design the system to see different meanings of the same word morpheme… other than adding multiple hints to the lingq. Otherwise you need to translate sentences, not individual words.
But I think this is a problem that the learner is better suited for working out through context rather than the system

Hi again. Yes you definitely do need to have multiple meanings as a possibility. I agree, I did create multiple meanings and that’s not the question. In addition to the multiple meanings, you also need to be able to say which meaning applies to a particular sentence. Otherwise it will often prompt you with an incorrect answer if you use the quiz option. It’s also very possible to know one meaning of a word but not know others.

I guess I could use the sentence translation option. I haven’t seen any info on that. Do you simply select the whole sentence as you would a phrase? Does the system credit yoy with “knowing” all of the words in the sentence?