For which language should I buy Assimil, for German ( I am A2 ) or for French ( I just started A1 )

For which language should I buy Assimil, for German ( I am A2 ) or for French ( I just started A1 )

Assimil is a good method for beginners - so it’s for French in your case.
But for the levels A2-B1 you can find a lot of podcasts and lessons here in the German library.

Do you recommend buying Assimil using German later in future which is not for beginners?

Terima kasih ( Thank you in Melayu )

I don’t know if it is this book for the intermediate level, maybe only for beginners.
I just think that we have in so many German podcasts of the levels A2-B1 that they can be more than enough for you to improve your German. Just try to use them!..
And when you reach the level B2-C1, you can use a lot of materials from the Internet.

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I need to learn grammar for German so I can improve faster as then I know how the language structured. Do you have any suggestion other than books, no budget.

Just use this website. It’s a thousand times better than assimil.

Why not learn 6000+ German words first? Learn German for Polyglot - by deactivated user - Memrise
Complete a free German course on DuoLingo and keep your learning tree golden?
Then have a go at reading some basic articles via linkq and listening listening listening. I think that could be more profitable than the cost of Assimil but then I guess we all learn differently…

oh and memrise 7000+ French

and there is a duolingo French tree too!

There are bunch of free resources on the internet. The German grammer is not that much complicated if you already speak English very well. I totally agree with jailscostate. This website or another open resources (even some german university websites or the goethe institut website are open for users) are much better…

If you can’t understand a grammer rule, just google it with “einfach erklaert”. There are a lot of websites.

One sugestion: Try to find English-German translated texts and compare the structures. It works for me, because german grammar is very similar to English grammar.

If you can manage, buy both. If you can’t, choose French, because it has the magic of getting you addicted and you will assimilate the content very well (provided you also use the audio).


i used assimil for french the advanced and the basic versions and i have german version but i have never used it they are good the more things you use the better

Maybe we can do some business together :slight_smile:

Would you like to sell both or one of them?

i think you can download them online

Thank you.
Do you have an experience with using Assimil? If so tell me please.

Obviously you can buy Assimil if you like it, but for German, I just used the “Slow German” podcasts (you can google it), which has an article a page long on an interesting German topic (text and audio). That was my start, and it was great.

For French, I really love the course on here called “Conversations” or something in French. The voices are really lovely, and the situations are completely natural and interesting (for me at least).

Just incase you want to save some money lol, since Assimil is not particularly cheap, and im not sure what benefits really come at that price :slight_smile:

I own both Assimil courses for French and German. They are both really good. I completed Pimsleur levels 1-5 for both languages (free from the library) and then I moved on to Assimil. Now I just read using Lingq and have lots of conversations. Worth the investment in my opinion.

I am waiting for your answer Sir! Have you used Assimil for French?

After exactly just 2 months, I am back here with the Assimil. I have been using it now for 2 months, and I can tell you it is like a magic pill, I am learning a lot and I feel I am learning in order, step by step but really getting into the language. I went into BBC Afrique and find that I can understand a lot!