For those who know French, what is exactly the level of this content?

I have been working on some of the content in the link below which comes from “Ted Talk En francais”

And as the indicator shows in the lesson details, almost all of them are added as level A2, only about 5 lessons there are shown as B1.

I wonder if this is the real level of these lessons, I feel like they are from B2, or let’s say upper B1.

Your thoughts?

Thank you very much

I looked at some of them and what I saw was very low level of unique words per lesson, and the words themselves are just common ones. For speeches like this the goal is to follow a simple, predictable structure, to use words and phrases that are simple and clear, short sentences, with some repetition involved. Also the verb tenses are kept consistent and simple. This way the speeches are easy to follow and are comprehensible by a vast proportion of the population.
That said, I’d agree that these TED lectures fall under level A2, B1.

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I read materials listed as B1 and kind of low B2 much easier than these lessons. I am not sure why! May be because these are spoken ones!

I’d say they are more B1 than A2. They talk quite slowly, vocabulary is common. But we are talking about authentic tedEX talks for native French public, so I’d say it’s always at least B1.

Thanks Katys but why do you think I can understand much more difficult material in Lingq, and struggle with this?
May be because I am not good on grammar? I have the vocab!

I don’t see any reference to level such as A2 or B1 ?

What do you mean they are spoken ones ? You can read them too.

Look harder or get new glasses.

Tell me where to look please - maybe this is only available to paying members.

You’re right. We’re using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages levels (A1-A2-B1-B2, etc.) but in Lingq what you can see is "beginner 1, beginner 2, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, etc. ).

Well, they talk about learning process, education, etc. and maybe you’re not so familiar with that type of language in French? Or, if you have trouble with the listening part, maybe it’s because of the accent? I haven’t checked all the lesson but it seams at least part of the lecturers are not native French, even if they have a good pronunciation, there’s a difference in rythm, intonation, vowels pronunciation, etc. that makes it different from native French speach, and maybe you’re not used to that?

Anyway I agree with you about the levels. This lecture for example, for me it would be at least B2 for listening to it Login - LingQ

And there’s no way this one is Beginner2!! Login - LingQ
Maybe they got confused between B2 and Beginner 2??

Thank you. I realized something very bad with my method, I never touched the grammar. I have started today with a good book called French grammar in context, and I began to feel that the dots are connecting with one another.

What would you rate Le Monde? A2, B1, B2?

Well it’s normal native speaking at a normal pace, so probably B2 in listening. The language isn’t complicated but neither is everyday usage. C1 + is where we get into educated levels of material with advanced opinions and topics, so it’s probably B2.

The CEFR levels for language include reading, writing and speaking though, so an answer can’t be given.

For Le monde I’d say B2, C1 for very specific topics.