For those wanting to learn two langs simultaneously

This guy tells his story: I Quit French - YouTube
It resonates with my own story and motivates me to concentrate on the language I’m learning now - German.
What are your thoughts?


I’d already been watching his videos because I like his attitude and I think he’s a nice person, however I’ve always thought that his method is completely wrong and he seems too focused in his way of doing things to consider alternatives. I had come to this conclusion even before he released this particular video. For example, he reviewed the “best” language apps and he insisted on those based in traditional “lessons” and grammar explanations, and so on (fortunately, at least he pans Duolingo). In the time he’s been learning he should do way better in both languages if he had tackled native (and more important, interesting) content and then immerse himself to learn to speak. You can expect to do all right in both two languages in a couple of years. Struggling so much after more than 3 years in both of them shows that he has chosen the wrong method, and particularly the wrong material, which is a shame.
You seem to have made much more progress in one year of German than he. (Übrigens, gratuliere!)
I don’t think his problem is learning two languages at once and I don’t expect him to progress much faster in Swedish just by quitting French.
As for the general issue of learning more than one language, you definitely can, and it shouldn’t even be too difficult depending on a few factors. You certainly can progress pretty fast by devoting one hour a day to each language, as he seems to have been doing.
Since this seems to be his first attempt at serious language learning, I would probably not have advised him to start immediately with both of them from the start, but it’s not impossible and, after more than 3 years, of course you can learn two or more languages.
I personally prefer not to start “seriously” with one language until I feel confident with the previous one but, again, it is absolutely possible. Steve is currently learning three.
Right now, my top priority is still Russian but I simply watch videos and engage in conversation in order to improve it. I read or watch videos in my other languages as I feel like it. For example, I read a bit of German from time to time,o watch a French movie. I occasionally wath videos in Italian, and so on, but with no fixed schedule.
At the same time, I’m learning both Malay/Indonesian (mostly reading stories and comics on Google Play) and Japanese (on Lingq). I didn’t begin with Japanese until I had some grasp of Indonesian but anyway Iong before I achieved a good level (which I stil don’t have), certainly long before the first year of learning, let alone three. And I don’t study so much daily, I’m sure that much less than those two hours: usually I read a few pages of a book in formal Indonesian, one page of a comic in colloquial Indonesian and enough Japanese to get between 13 and 30 Lingqs. I sometimes listen to a mini story or watch a cartoon in Indonesian but not everyday. That’s enough to pogress at a nice pace, at least for now. I expect to carry conversations in Indonesian in a few months (let’s say B1 level, although I dislike using this scale) and achieve an ok-ish level of Japanese in 2 years, nothing crazy, mind you, but enough to feel I can get along in the language, I may go on after that to achieve a good level depending on the circumstances.

Thank you for very insightful reply! And I agree with you meaning that we really never stop learning foreign language, so at some point you’re learning two or more languages anyway. The important detail - is that your languages should be on a different levels, in my opinion, only one should be below the conversational level. I think concentrating on one underdeveloped language - is a right decision for the video author.

What I’m not sure about, is how math works here. For average motivated language learner, considering that there are limited number of study hours available. If it takes 3 years to reach a conversational fluent level in a language, what happens when you start two languages at once? Same 3 years? 5? Never?
What if I add second language later, again, how long would it take to reach proficiency in both?

What is the fastest way to learn TWO languages?

Well, if you wait to learn the next language, that’ll also taking time, right? Considering learning the second language at the same time takes twice as long, then it’ll take the exact same time as if you learned one, then the other.
In practice, it depends on how long you can learn everyday, your motivation, the relationship between your target languages and of them to your native tongue and so on. Oh and on motivation again, always motivation

Point of view I agree with: The Fastest Way to Learn 2 Languages - YouTube
( The Fastest Way to Learn 2 Languages by Matt )

Well im almost fluent in Spanish, am making good strides in Portuguese, am thinking about starting hindi when iysit’s available here, and maybe picking up italian too. So i disagree with the French n Swedish guy. I think it depends on the individual. IMHO, he’s doing something wrong if heshe’s having that much trouble

I just finished watching the video. I completely agree, I have been studying multiple languages at the same time since 2013. And the past 3 years specifically I have been putting in considerable amount of time into language learning. I am no where near fluency in even my strongest language. Thats nearly 6 -7 Years! Thats a long time to spend on language learning and to have very little results. Of course it depends on your goals, but Learning one language at a time is the most efficient way to spend your time. Languages are just too complex for the brain to be juggling more than one at a time.