For those interested in learning Croatian

If you’re learning Croatian, and, like me, you’re struggling to find reading material targeted at the intermediate level, I’ve just imported a mini novel that I wrote, and it’s called Druga šansa (A Second Chance). Click here to access it. I welcome any comments or feedback.

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Interesting! I would say Dylan Dog is a really good resource in Croatian if people ever visit the country too. Very good comic culture in Croatia.

With the introduction of the Whisper AI function, a revolution has taken place. S, I have decided to create a course featuring my favorite Croatian podcast with the incredible Korado Korlevič. (Korado Korlevič is a Croatian astrophysicist known for his captivating discussions on various scientific topics.)
The course will be made public, and I plan to add more episodes whenever time allows. Enjoy!

Please note that the transcript is AI-generated, so there may be some mistakes. By the way, if you make edits, do they only apply to your version, or do they affect everyone?
Happy Croatian learning! :slight_smile:

The course: Entra - LingQ

do they affect everyone?

Edits to shared lessons get saved on the server and everybody loading the lesson after you benefits from your improvements. This is true both for timestamps and text. The only exception are courses by LingQ_Support, e.g. the mini stories, those can only be edited by staff.

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