For the love of GOD how can i revert to LingQ 4?

Alright to put it bluntly, lingq 5 is a buggy, ugly mess. Please please PLEASE let me go back to lingq 4.
Website is not working properly, the new section on the right with the Lingqs meanins etc is terribly, and TINY, is so TINYYYYYY that i need to scroll up and down to see stuff, where i didnt need to do this before.
the whole website is so damn white now, it hurts my eyes, give me back the blue and yellow UI that was on the right side before. PLS : )


Sorry, but it’s not possible to switch back to the old version.
If you don’t like the white theme, you can change to the Dark Mode under the settings and see if you like that one better.

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Please send screenshots of the tiny sidebar to support. And, on which platform you see this. Seems like something strange is happening to you.

I’m also sad that the lingq 4 website version has been changed on us. There were many things I liked better about the previous version…. For example I preferred the options to display and manage vocabulary in lingq 4.

I would usually have both the app (version 5) and the website (version 4) open at the same time and that way I could select whichever worked better for me depending on what I was doing. It also acted like two windows for me allowing me to let’s say add notes to a vocabulary element that was not the one I was currently viewing….


I agree, it’s so disappointing. I find it difficult to use and I doubt if I will be renewing my subscription.


You said it’s not possible to switch back to 4.0.
Is there a way one can change the auto updated words read and turn it off?

Can one get the old lessons menu instead of the new one? The new on is better if one uses the lingq library 90% of the time but if one is importing most of their content its frustrating having 80-90% of the screen space being courses that one will glance through every once in a while versus the books, lessons I paid for and imported from else where that I will access every time I use lingq.
the 3 click problem vs the 2 click problem when accessing dictionaries or making translations lingq 5.0 taking 3 clicks for these actions and lingq 4.0 taking two clicks because the 4.0 pop up menu when selecting words had the word status and dictionaries automatically pop up versus one having to select those options manually. It might not seem like a big deal being one click but if one makes 100 lingqs in a day and marks 100 words known that is an additional 300 clicks. 100 for look ups, 100 for making lingqs, and 100 for adjusting word status of the words. (if one is studying an inflected language this could easily be multiplied by x2-3) 600-900 clicks per day.

Other than these 3 problems this is great and new and hip everything looks clean fonts, layout and the charts for stats are beautiful. If people say they don’t like the amount of white one could throw a little more lingq New York city blue (what you guys are currently using for this post comment button) around the site to give it more contrast but that’s just icing on the cake. Thanks again Lingq team!

That’s a bit of an overstatement I think… I didn’t really like it at first, but honestly I think the reader is much better now. Give it some time

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Lol do you know how to look up words that already have lingqs? like look them up in a dictionary it appears everyone is asleep atm. Like i made a lingq for the word formacion (spanish) it means formation but then i run into it later and it means training (like on the job training) i knew this from the context but how does one relook up existing lingqs to edit their definitions?

there is an upside arrow beside the ‘saved meaning’, press it and you can see ‘popular meanings’.

This new version is terrible. Really not fun to use.


that helps and thank you for letting me know and that raises a bigger problem every individual function I need an extra click to accomplish the same thing 4.0 did.

Thanks, we hear you about a page that displays content better for users who only import their own content. This also came up in the beta. We will do something here before too long.
As for the extra clicks, if you have the sidebar open, certainly the status is shown all the time. We will look at enabling further customization in the widget as well over the next little while.


Good to hear! Thank you so much!

OMG Same for me. I am begging them to change back. They are going to lose a lot of customers if they continue with this BS. I would almost rather not learn a language…

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