For beginner too?


Can I start to learn Chinese by LingQ from absolut zero-point?

Definitely Junair. Just do not expect miracles. Just get used to the language. Start with “Who is she” for which translations are available in other languages.

You will have to get a separate book for the writing system, the characters. In fact it might be easier to get a simple starter book for Chinese and use LingQ as a supplement simply because of the issue of the characters. We will be addressing characters later but have not done anything so far. Perhaps others her can help by telling us what they do.

Please have the patience to listen many times to these simple stories.

I think you can do it. Ein Fester Wille tut überall Wunder. ich denke so.

i think it would be good to understand the pinyin. and what they sound like. and the tones

sound first ,use pinyin.chinese charactor last,you will get it ,可怜可怜我的英文