Football and Politics

Did you know that the USA beat England in the 1950 World Cup? No, nor did I. Here is the rather sad story of the Haitian scorer of the winning goal:

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Read it. What a great story!

Yes, yes I did. I know that the person who posted this originally hasn’t been active for a while as far as I know. Still I love this sort of stories of football history in general as it is the only link left to something that was very important to me once upon a time, during the time of billionaire owners and Red Bull(shit) sponsored teams. In a country where in the early 2000 you where considered a freak if you loved football to the extent that I did.

Edit: People who practice sports are most likely universally liked, when I say freak I mean a person who is willing to discuss, point by point what happened on Wednesday evening match, (at the time the national channel four was the only one that sent live coverage of Champions League football) and run my lungs out to catch the Friday champions league review show on the same channel.