Fonts should be set per language

When I go to Settings → Lesson Settings and change something related to the font (its size, spacing or style), these changes are applied to all languages.

This is very annoying.

To read Arabic, Chinese, and English comfortably, the size and spacing of the text must be very different.

When I set the font to be comfortable to read in Arabic, the English text becomes huge.

When I set the English font to be comfortable to read, the Arabic text is tiny.

I have to change the settings every time I switch languages.

It would be great if you could make these settings independent per language.


All changes made under the settings apply to all languages, that’s how it works at the moment. We’ll see if there’s room for improvement in the future.

Hi, @zoran .

Let me disagree a bit… Under settings → Lesson Settings, the voice is set by language.

For Chinese I have Zhiyu Mandarin (female)
For Arabic I have Zeina (female)
For English I have Shelly US (female)

Ideally, all settings in Lesson Settings should be by language.

For instance, I’m more advanced in English than in Arabic, so in English I’d like to have the setting Pages moves to known active, but for Arabic I rather prefer it deactivated.



I definitely support this request, I also struggle with this switching between chinese and latin alphabet based languages


I believe style might also be per language. But yes, I’ve had the same issue about text size.

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Oh! Something I just realized might not be obvious re: font size. You can adjust it without opening any menu via the +/- keys on the numpad if you have one. I find that going two or so clicks bigger helps with scripts I’m not used to. Just be sure to count your clicks so you know how much to go back when switching… Again, language-specific settings would be greatly appreciated!