Following people not reflected on profile

Hello, I went through the forums yesterday and followed several people. One of whom that I remember is I followed the user nfera. When I go to her profile, it shows I am following her and gives the option to “unfollow”, however on my profile page it still shows that I am only following LingQ.

Somewhat related, is there a way to view my profile the way other people see it? If I click on someone’s post from the forums it shows their picture, language flags, and then what they’ve written and who they’re following, etc etc but on my own end when I click on my profile it doesn’t look like that and I don’t see how to preview what other people see.


the wonkiness with follows and unfollows has gone on for a long time I think its just a bug of the system, though it seems to have improved some. I would be interested in seeing all the things that a user has shared for a language though if that is possible

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Ah thank you! I would as well, I think that would be a helpful feature to be able to easily see what they’ve contributed

Thanks, we are looking into improving that feature.

Thank you!