Following doesn't work


I’ve noticed that the “Following/Followers” feature doesn’t work properly.

First of all, some random people I’ve never encountered ended up on my list. I’ve read that once you open/complete (can’t remember) a few lessons created by a specific user it’ll automatically follow them. So maybe that’s what happened.

Then, unfollowing them or following new people doesn’t do anything. The unfollowed people don’t disappear from my profile and followed people don’t appear in it, though their status has clearly changed since if I go to their profile I can see that I’ve followed/unfollowed them.

Also, a suggestion, it would also be nice to be able to see what the people you follow are using for learning materials (if they’re publicly shared). This would be especially helpful with very active users learning the same language as you, as you would have those resources at glance and could import them quickly.


Thanks, we will look into it.


Seeing the lessons that other people were taking used to be a feature of LingQ…I don’t know how many versions ago that was though. I liked it.


Re…People not showing up as being followed on your profile page - You might check to see if they show up on the Community page on the leader boards for “Following”.


Ah, I didn’t know that. I hope that makes a comeback as this feature would be the biggest reason for following others, I’d think.

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Good find! They’re indeed listed on the leaderboard :wink:

I try to indicate in my profile what I’m working on, in case anyone gets curious. I started putting my book readings in goodreads and providing the url in my profile (thanks for the idea from noxialisrex). That’s a relatively easy exercise.

I’ve also started mentioning the books I start on my wall. Occassionaly I’ll post a link to an article I’m reading on my wall, but have not always been good about this even after I decided I would do so.

It would be nice to see, I agree as I’m often curious myself what others are reading to potentially get some ideas on what to read next.

Perhaps it would require an option of whether someone doesn’t want to share what they are doing as well. Perhaps there are privacy issues that LingQ was concerned about and removed it because of that.