Follow The World Cup with LingQ (and other content news!)

Sports fan? Learning English, Spanish, French or German?

Check out the World Cup 2022 Shelves we’ve added in those languages for articles on the latest scores and news surrounding the biggest sporting event in the world.

We’ve updated the shelves every few days with new articles, and we will continue doing so right up until the final match.

To find these lessons just open up the library page and scroll down until you see the World Cup 2022 shelf. Enjoy!

We’ve also added an Alphabet Pronunciation lesson in Italian. If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at learning Italian but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect lesson for you.

Each letter is pronounced clearly, followed by two examples words with that letter.

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We updated our Who Is She? course in Japanese with newer, improved audio. For beginners looking to read through a 26-part story about a sister searching for her brother, look no further.

Check it out here: Login - LingQ

We will be posting content updates in this forum once a week from now on, so check the latest thread out each week for a snapshot of what we’ve been working on.

There’s lot’s of new content added each day in LingQ - if you don’t see anything from your language of choice here, check out the What’s New shelf in the library page for a list of new lessons!

Happy LingQing!

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