Folders for different courses

I have been using lingq for quite some time, and a feature that would be nice is being able to group books by series, or by already read or something of this nature. For example, if I have 7 harry potter books it would be nice to be able to group them together somehow, but more importantly it would be nice if I could group the books that I have already read vs the books that I have not read yet. Since I have been using lingq a while I have a lot of books that I paid for and took the time to upload and format and have read, but don’t want these to clog my library when I am searching for new books to read etc. Please let me know if this feature would be possible or if it just too much work for the level of convenience. Thanks again Lingq team!


I also second the idea that more abilities for customizing folders/libraries (even those uploaded by others) would be nice.

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Great idea! Organizing books by series or read/unread status would be a fantastic addition. Hopefully, the LingQ team can make it happen!