Fluent Korean Speakers - Ep. 4 - Alex Ristich (from Lingq)

Alex Ristich was featured in Hyunwoo Sun’s (from TalkToMeInKorean.com) series of YouTube videos about non-koreans who manage to speak Korean fluently. Even though I still don’t understand much of what Alex says, it’s great to find an example of someone who can speak so well without having lived in Korea. Thanks Alex!

What follows is from the YouTube page Fluent Korean Speakers - Ep. 4 - Alex Ristich (한국어를 잘하는 외국인 인터뷰) - YouTube

Fluent Korean Speakers - Ep. 4 - Alex Ristich

Alex visited Korea for the 4th time but he has never lived here in Korea before. He learned all of his Korean in Canada by learning in classes and actively hanging out with friends who speak Korean. Of course he still makes some minor grammar mistakes here and there but he is very fluent and has no problem getting his point across in Korean. Hats off to his effort and dedication to learning! : )

Thanks for posting this rafael, and great job Alex.

Yep, he’s fluent. He’s working a lot now and doesn’t have much time to study but still puts in enough time that he doesn’t feel like he’s regressing at all even while living in Canada. Looks like a pretty stellar chap.

I too can confirm that Alex is a very proficient Korean speaker, a highly-motivated learner, a an all-round great chap.

I did an interview with Alex as an assignment for my MA on successful language learners. I’ve transcribed it and will post it as content to LingQ once I’ve finished writing the assignment.