Fluency and how it's obtained

Hey hi! How are you? I have a question. Is it possible to reach fluency in a language without speaking a lot? I mean the problem is that I do not have money to hire a tutor to speak with me. You could say that I should find a friend who speaks in my target language, but I’m a harsh person, plus I’m really very boring. Is there a way to reach the stage through a lot of reading and listening besides having conversations? Best wishes.

to be truely fluent in a language you have to know how to speak ,write and listen if you want to speak correctly you have to practice speaking at some time unless your goal is only to read

Don’t worry about speaking - listen and read, a lot - you’ll learn many things besides the language - you’ll very soon stop thinking about yourself as boring. It is possible to practice speaking all on your own.

Nonsense. Writing is not a prerequisite for fluency at all. See every 5 year old ever, languages with no writing system and illiterate native speakers.

Well, speaking is very important for a lot of reasons. For example, even if i don’t like or have any interest in talking, I had to make my share so I could pronounce things in poetry and literature well. It depends, though, what fluency you want to reach.
It’s possible to practice speaking without anyone else. You can very much speak alone, it is strange, i know, but after some time you’ll get used to it. You can do shadow reading, it’s technically speaking, I never made a lot of that since I find it boring though. And you can indeed find someone who can speak to you, but have confidence, I’m pretty sure you’re not that boring, try to talk about things that you like and make you passionate and that’s it.