Flip back and forth between language popular meanings languages without dictionaries going wonky

whenever i flip from language a to language a to language b and back to language a for popular meanings, my settings for dictionaries go back to somewhat random translators, although always the same ones, just none of the major ones. is there anyway around this?

it is odd that it chooses all the less common translators because when in catalan, it only puts back google translator which is the only selected by default if you don’t select anymore so it is odd it puts back when i am doing catalan, it goes back back to the one that is default at least, but for portuguese it does not. then again, for portugese there are about 15 translators where catalan only has a couple so this could just be chance.

it makes doing popular meaning in 2 languages a nightmare. as workaround, i can do translate in second language and copy result into the english one at the end but that is not efficient over a lot of items.

please help.

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Thanks, that sounds like a bug. We will investigate it.

thanks, appreciate it. i wanted to clarify that i have no issue with this in the web version. it works without issue. it is only with the mobile version (iOS at least, have not tried it on my Android).

it is not a huge issue. i am trying to learn another language from my second language while only using my primary language when confused. i do not think that is a use case for many people. as long as i don’t switch between which language i want for the popular meanings, it does keep my list of translators in both languages intact, it is only when i change the popular meanings, that it occurs.

also, if this helps, the list usually stays intact while i am still in the lesson. it is only once i go to another lesson that i am immediately faced with a random list of translators again until i change them back. somehow it holds correct list intact when i initially change the dropdown in popular meanings and i can check numerous entries within a lesson but as soon as i change lessons, i am faced with random list of translators again.

Our developers are working on this. We were able to identify the issue and we expect to have it fixed very soon.