Just wondering about the flashcard system. I don’t review mine very often, and I’ve been assuming that if I miss a day, those cards will be resent to iLingQ. I opened it today and the last several days had zero cards for review. I know that I have lots of level 1 lingqs, so I was a bit surprised to find blank days. Am I correct that the cards I missed on previous days will be resent?

The cards are sent on a preset schedule based on when they were created and on their status. They are sent 5 times in total. Whether you go through them or not, they are sent in the same order.

So if the cards for a particular day are not studied, those lingqs will be resent?

Maybe, it depends on how many times you have seen them already, what status they have, how many other words are in the list to be sent that day and how many LingQs you have specified to receive. Most words are sent 4 or 5 times depending on these factors but there is no guarantee. It’s not an exact process and is just a prod to get you to review.