Flashcards still don't work

It’s been several weeks since the update, and I still can’t study my flashcards. I have them sorted for Status and SRS due for review, but although it lists 25, only a few, usually 3, show up in the cloze test. I saw two weeks ago that it was going to be a couple of days to fix it, but mine still don’t work. Pretty frustrating.

@emory989 - I’m very sorry that you’re having trouble with this.

The issue mentioned in the other thread was related to the Flashcards test, whereas this issue is related to the Cloze Test. The issue with Flashcards has been resolved, though there do appear to still be some issues when trying to study certain LIngQs in the Cloze Test. We have this on our list and hope to have a fix sometime soon. In the meantime, LingQs that were created more than a few days ago should hopefully be showing up properly in the Cloze Test. We’ll do our best to get this fixed quickly!