Flashcards seem squashed

flashcards seem squashed… the vertical length is about 1/4 of the normal… still usable though FF 16.0.2

@dooo - Thanks! We’ll get that fixed.

It’s happening to me too.

Me too


Sorry about that. We have the flashcard issue straightened out now.

mine are still squashed D;

@osaieh - They shouldn’t be but you will have to reload the whole page again before the new layout will work properly.

yeah they work now, i don’t know why they weren’t at first, but all is well ;D

Seems like this is happening again right now, at least for me.

@mjds - Have you tried refreshing the page? It should be fine now.

Ah, I think I know why. I switched onto another computer today, which probably was still cached with the old layout (with the squashed flashcards prior to the fix). Thanks for the reminder.